To Siri, With Love How One Boy With Autism Became BFF With Apple’s Siri

19SIRI1-tmagSFJust how bad a mother am I? I wondered, as I watched my 13-year-old son deep in conversation with Siri. Gus has autism, and Siri, Apple’s “intelligent personal assistant” on the iPhone, is currently his BFF. Click here to read more

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Discriminating over Ebola…

Ebola-247x300Navarro College is not accepting any new applications from students residing in Africa – all of Africa, not just those five countries on the continent with confirmed cases of the Ebola virus.

The Texas community college made the news cycles last week for sending rejection letters to Nigerian applicants that said “Navarro College is not accepting international students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.” Navarro initially apologized for “misinformation” provided to prospective international students, but…..
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Cristela Alonzo Wants to Make America Laugh

19cristela3-master1050-v6 Alonzo had been a latchkey kid from the age of 6, and television kept her company. It also taught her English; her family spoke only Spanish in the house. And it made her laugh, even on bad days, the days when she and her family had nothing to eat and they all drank coffee instead. Now, Alonzo will see if television loves her back. At 35, she is starring in a new ABC show loosely based on her own family called “Cristela,” which debuted on Oct. 10. The show, an old-fashioned family sitcom — click here to read more

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[This is such a moving documentary – it’s 26 minutes long, but very informative about the difference between tribal and religious law. Worth watching!]

In Afghanistan, thousands of young women have been imprisoned for so-called moral crimes — including running away from unlawful forced marriages. This is one woman’s story.

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Dear White People

The film “Dear White People,” which received a limited national release is billed as “a satire about being a black face in a white place.” “People do not see anything wrong with the microaggressions they commit,” “That’s a problem hopefully this movie can really address. Once you understand what you’re doing is wrong, hopefully you will stop doing it.”

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The ‘Yes Means Yes’ World


“No Means No.”

For the last two decades, that’s been the slogan of choice for sexual assault prevention efforts, and just a few months ago it seemed like a perfect fit for the new organization. But in the weeks leading up to No Means No’s official launch, the organization began having second thoughts.

Why? click here to find out

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Some Harvard Professors Oppose Policy on Assaults


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Dozens of Harvard Law School faculty members are asking the university to withdraw its new sexual misconduct policy, saying that it violates basic principles of fairness and would do more harm than good.
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