Presidential Proclamation — Women’s History Month

womens-history-month-2015Throughout history, extraordinary women have fought tirelessly to broaden our democracy’s reach and help perfect our Union. Through protest and activism, generations of women have appealed to the values at the heart of our Nation and fought to give meaning to the idea that we are all created equal. As today’s women and girls reach for new heights, they stand on the shoulders of all those who have come before and carry forward their legacy of proud achievement. This month, we celebrate countless pioneering women and the victories they won, and we continue our work to build a society where our daughters have the same possibilities as our sons.

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Love Hurts: What We learn From ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Twilight,’ and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Sad woman crying

As women line up to see Fifty Shades of Grey, I feel they’ve been cheated. There is nothing new, unique, or even creative about Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s just the latest installment of pop culture messages that teach girls and young women that truly hot and irresistible love includes some element of violence and danger.

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Detroit-Area Pediatrician Refuses To Care For Lesbian Couple’s Baby- Really???

Can a doctor refuse to treat the baby of a same-sex couple?

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Leaky for Everyone

thFor years, experts on the academic and scientific workforce have talked about a “leaky pipeline” in which women with talent in science and technology fields are less likely than men to pursue doctorates and potentially become faculty members.

The pipeline may no longer be leaking more women than men. The study suggests click here to read more…

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Earl Lloyd, 1st black player in NBA, dies at 86

Earl Lloyd was a player and coach, an NBA champion and later a Hall of Famer. Within the basketball world, he’s something much bigger.

He was a pioneer. Lloyd was the first black player in NBA history

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Penn State President Eric Barron accepts all 18 recommendations presented by sexual assault task force

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World Culture Club presents….

DIV-6110-15 WCC_Argentina_Silveyra

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