The Meaning of Pink

Fall_2009_010For more than three decades, the walls of the visitors’ locker room at the University of Iowa’s Kinnick Stadium have been pink. When the football stadium was renovated in 2005, the university took the theme even further, adding new lockers, showers, and urinals all featuring various shades of the color.

While it remains a beloved bit of visual smack-talk for many Hawkeye fans — and was even featured in a recent ESPN ad about college traditions — some students and faculty have decried the color scheme as sexist and discriminatory. Today, demonstrators dressed as robots are expected to march on the campus to protest the locker room’s enduring paint job. What do you think?

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Let your body listen to you

let your body listen to you

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Diversity in Political Science


WASHINGTON – Imagine there’s one political science faculty slot to fill, and two equally qualified candidates emerge from the pack. One applicant is a woman, and there are few women serving in the department. Her area of expertise, however — Europe — is already well-represented among current professors, and they’re hoping to “fill out the map.” The other candidate is a white male – a demographic well-represented in the department — but his area of expertise, Africa, is something the department is hungry for.

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Cottage Industry on Preventing Sexual Assault


A quick search for terms like “campus safety” and “sexual assault” on the Apple App Store reveals dozens of applications marketed toward worried college students. Circle of 6 allows users to send text message alerts to six pre-selected friends. Click here to read more

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Sociology Association Picks Gender Categories

1The American Sociological Association has approved a new set of gender categories by which members can classify themselves for organizational purposes. After some debate, the association decided on the following:
Do you agree with the categories??

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Seventh LION Walk connects with students, residents as semester begins


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. — More than 150 Penn State students, administrators, police officers, State College officials and community members came together Monday evening to welcome students and residents living downtown back for the semester during the seventh annual LION Walk.

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Moving Back Home Together


Rarest Native Animals Find Haven on Tribal Lands
FORT BELKNAP AGENCY, Mont. — In the employee directory of the Fort Belknap Reservation, Bronc Speak Thunder’s title is buffalo wrangler.
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